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computers crunching numbers
drunks stumbling blunders
robots making robot things
what is there left to do
forgetting how to make things up
alarm struggling to wake me up
maybe i’ll just sink back to a dream
whats so wrong with giving up
maybe its just not what i want to do
lots of things can piss me off
but only one can make my heart so new
no one else can live up to
the hurdles i have set them up
saying if you love me so will i love you
but you love me and i’m getting stuck
acting like i don’t give a fuck
but remember how there’s nothing left to do
so i remain with my playing sand
occasionally wave a hand at the passing waves of you



the temple of a body has been likened to a canvas
some see the canvas of the skin
others the canvas in the memory
life in the process of God painting a human canvas
I am a body of water
stresses and strains keep me from settling
early in the morning or at last light the reflections are clear
the mud settles and the wavelets cease
the motion of the body is one
the slowly moving plants and the occasional fish ad a hue of life
when I am settled I am clear and I am beautiful
when the wind starts to blow I have no where to go
A wise man named Isaac once said that for every force
there is an equal and opposite force
my surface unsettling is no exception
these forces may blur my perception of the reflection
but its only on the surface
nothing has been permenently changed or altered
I continue on accepting what you offer
and diluting the poison that I am force fed
you see and you know
you feel and you know
you live and you know
and you die and you go
this is not what i was told
this is what my heart knows
because I heard and I listen
because I work and I grow
I kneed and I sow
and this is food for my soul


Watchful on the Waters

I dont feel love
I am not in love
I dont know love
I cant show love
I am love
I cant fall into it
I cant climb out of it
I am not under it
I am not above it
Love is the cornerstone of the bridge and the gate
Love is God and love is hate
Love is the rhythm of my soul
striking every beat and every tone
Love is the lighthouse guiding me home
a beacon in the distance
while my own heart is shining
A lot of time is spent moving myself across the sea
more and more remembering to look in to the light inside of me

Saved! Just Kidding :)

many truths we bring together
with the song we sing forever
stoke the fire hotter, redder,
than life in Jah there’s nothing better
i live life with love so i love my life
cant no body bring me down
i got a bounce in my step and a smile on my face
you better watch where you bring that frown
mister babylon come and try to make me run
like a part in his corruption and disease
like a thread on a loom weaving impending doom
the system is oiled and tuned
only through the grace of a man so great
can I hope to escape from this place
the Spirit was in me all along
through every heart ache and working night so long
evading the word saved but at times thats the best way
to say the feeling of being so carelessly free

Blood Brothers, when I pick a scab

i was welcomed back with a heavenly feast in my mind
i didn’t even knock but I guess He had some extra grace
like free candy at a parade making giddy children’s days
no better way to say, so humbled and so happy
smile beaming I dug my teeth in
if i already had no words to describe then now i am indebted
any words i thought i had have quickly been removed
i checked my gratitude account which was overflowing
then i checked my language bill and owed a monthly due
if only these currencies would exchange at a nice fair rate
I could sing a song to free the world and be with you forever

cracking jokes with the busiest man in the universe keeps my soul satisfied
some rush off to his business meetings afraid that they’ll be late
He treats them all accordingly and responds in a formal tone
I’ve been told to fear him, but every time I get near him
first thing I hear he spits another joke
certainly a friend I wouldn’t make fun of
but one I make fun with
I know that he’d do anything for me
so I’m slow to ask a favor
I hope he knows I’d do anything for Him
but he keeps on laughing,
not sure there is much more he needs

I Forgot I was Crazy for a Second

full sighted aimed to love almighty
most famed most sung praises of
banging drums and plucking strings
air into the lungs the song begins
rejoicing in the power and the glory
the only one for which words will come..
does everyone love me or am i having delusions of grandeur?
is it my soul or my pride?
my shine or my wallet?
Still many questions I have
does life make less sense every day so I can go home
and things will be in perfect harmony?
Can i play the drums without second thought?
without doubting that through you I make a sound
for you and with you I am made whole
I play a small part yet I am the cornerstone
never to be refused again
each grain of sand once washed on the sea shore
cleansed for your building a space to offer life
grace and compassion are the signs and the
modulated sayings on the radio bands
frequency or amplitude however you like to be stretched
down dog or forward fold which ever will suffice
until i am old and frail and bend down to get the news
or have a furry friend to do it for me
on this day too I will remember you

Singing A New Song

Jah lift their spirit and heals them
out of confusion he steals them
His children know He is pleased when
Jah Love is the only feeling

His love is the only feeling
Jah love is the only feeling
His love is the only feeling
Jah love is the source of all

Our eyes look to the clouds
with our feet firm on the ground
He make the world go round
when we make a joyful sound

We make a joyful sound
InI make a joyful sound
We make a joyful sound
Jah spread the blessings ’round

I rise up early this mornin
and ask inna prayer to Jah
how can InI serve you
what is there for I to do?

Jah respond with a lovely feeling
telling I that music is the healing
I sing praise in every song
and Jah music make we strong

Jah music make I strong, yes
Jah music make we strong
Jah music make InI strong
sing Jah praise in every song