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It’s a Beautiful Morning to Start a Blog!

June 2, 2011

Blessed morning to you all! I recently decided that I would likely benefit from a portal through which I can share my poetry, music, and thoughts.  I do a lot of writing while behind my desk 9-5 and I figure I might as well share it with whoever is interested! I tend to write devotional, God centered or directed poetry, and writing has become a form of prayer or meditation for me.  Writing, making music, and being creative in general has been the seed through which my faith has grown and continues to mature and flower everyday.

Since I just started this blog, I will be posting a lot of stuff in the next couple of days.  I encourage readers to contribute thoughts, feedback, and I would love to help others to explore and share their own creativity and art whether that’s on this blog or elsewhere.

Lets get to the good stuff… If you would like to relax and vibe out to some Sound vibrations while you read, this is a URL to a track I recorded a few months ago:  I haven’t fully figured out this wordpress site yet, but perhaps there is a better way of sharing music that I can use in the future.

This is my most recent poem that I wrote yesterday:

percieving of space is recieving of grace.
being in place while seeing your face,
is the best blessing i could ask for.
nothing more, and nothing less,
clothing torn, or a crown of thorns,
could never mask your beauty.
blessed as I am to feel you today,
knowing you shepherd your sheep in this way,
I will not be the one to stray.
let me be humble as a baby lamb,
and hear you louder than a hurricane.
I want to be tamed by your staff and your wrath
guided through the highest of mountains,
and walked through the widest plains,
my light in the morning my warmth in the night,
you quench my thirst through the draught,
and then bless me with rain,
how perfect these things, I can never explain nor complain.
my beacon of faith is my sight in the storm,
you make my heart warm, my Lord, my Lord.


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