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One More for Today

June 2, 2011

Here’s my little wordpress wordplay for today:

Peace lies in Him who sent us,
just as chaos lies in losing sight,
His outstretched hand never withdraws,
and because of Him we know love.
There will always be one to tempt us,
to cloud our eyes and turn us from the light,
But if we seek with pure intent and stay away from evil
Relentlessly the Lord will pull us in and protect us as His own,
We are all the chosen people, given breath and spirit,
sent to the earth by choice to do as He pleases.
My Lord, I’m standing strong and ready to carry out your command,
to keep the law and teach all who ask about my Father.
when you give the sign, with a roar like a lion,
I will bring my harvest and offer all to you in Zion



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