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My Greatest Gift

June 14, 2011

How can there be things ungodly if you are they and they in you?
failing to acknowledge you in all seems to be the point of downfall
my folly is in forgetfullness
distraction, temptation, and ungratefullness,
Lord if I could remain in Godfullness
I could finally break these bonds dividing us
as if held back by fear pierced hands,
my ship is docked and never leaves the pier,
and my soul is laced with bands of malice,
yet as if unaware and blind my hand continues to grope for your chalice
I storm your palace and take your life and blood straight from your veins
to benefit my unbalanced selfish desires
as if walking on a tight rope im scared of slipping off,
but all signs tell me that when I surrender and fall
I will more clearly hear you call
and this is just when you’ll lift me up
my Lord you are the greatest gift of all


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