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More Love! If you feel it then you know it

June 15, 2011

Lord you are exalted in the highest vaults of heaven,
you make the Earth ring with your constant new song.
You play the notes too numerous to name and too magnificent to measure.
I feel your pulse in the Earth, and see your singing in the clouds.
the planets are your accompaniment, sun and moon are your stagelights.
your pleasurable symphony is a treasure to all with ears to hear.
I always feel near to you here with my feet on the ground,
My soul stretching out to greet you in the highest reaches of your abode,
without straining or even moving a muscle I reach out to you and find
you’re already here waiting, you must have been early.
Im right on time according to the way that you made me.

I push forward with the Spirit you gave me,
and strive to be your disciple which of course starts with discipline.
obedience to your Word is my utmost desire,
but not for fear of burning in hellfire,
I will to serve you out of love and gratitude,
Lord let me remain in your grasp so great!
and I shall not do you wrong on your path that I walk
the obstacles that you create and place in my way,
will not move me because I am filled with the strength that you gave me.

with my fellow servants of my Lord, I will preserve this presence and flow,
we are reminded in music and in work, in hard times and in morning sunshine
your light shines through all and I see it!
or maybe in my mind im just losing it
either way i know without you I wouldnt be shit


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  1. amazing poem dude, i like the flow

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