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I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

June 22, 2011

what a joy it is to sing in the morning,
the birds even join me in life’s simple song.
when im feeling distressed, shaken, or blurred
i simply use my voice and my breath,
the things I dont want fly away
and those I am fond of stay right here with me
sometimes I forget just who I am,
and what is best to let go of,
but then with a little intention I pray
and ask for some guidance and help on my way
as long as I keep my eyes open and aware,
I will likely see the signs up ahead
just like the lines on the road, if I shine a light on them,
they shine right back with twice the brilliance
never moving backwards, it seems as if its always uphill,
but perhaps its just my perspective and I can tilt it all,
but no one ever got anywhere by taking the easy way out,
the view is better from the top so i’ll just chug on up.

Neck in neck with my ego trying to let it go,
while i’m finding reasons to reverse and preserve the past,
but its not the memories that last its this moment that im making,
or the poem im creating with each breath and heart beat taking,
really when i remove myself from my mind there is no such thing as lasting
because what was is forgotten and what will be will be forever unknown
i’m an unpaved road, winding up the mountain pass,
Some turns have no options and some depend on my chosing,
the strength of my little engine that could is the deciding factor
of when i have to switch back or chug straight up the face


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