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Spring Cleaning

June 22, 2011

cleanliness is godliness and I have a long path ahead
my heart is coated with layers of filth
so dark i only occassionly catch glimpses of something bright
this dirt is stale and rancid, emanating fumes of envy and lust
hatred and distrust mixed in this slimy muck
its so hard to gaze at especially when i forgot what’s under it
these glimpses are hinting that perhaps it’s worth cleaning
scrubbing and rinsing and mopping and sweeping,
all will be needed and more to restore the state
of my pure and original flame
the spark that was lit the day I was born
As soon as I stop to look inside,
the work seems too daunting and endless in time
but it’s now or never so i willingly embark on my endeavor


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