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June 29, 2011

thirsty for direction,
wishing someone would just tell me in words,
give me orders that i wouldnt question,
feeling ready to relinquish free will,
im done playing this game of cat and mouse,
taking stabs in the dark about what is right
and to where am I called
can’t I just give up and be free?
surrender it all and say, Lord the ball is in your court now
I wont have any more to do with labels and partitions
ranks and committees, just a piece in their state space machine,
actions show output known like a Moore machine,
predictable, exploited, and twisted like the porn industry,
as it was in the beggining is now, and will be forever,
now is no different and the input will always be in the answer,

in the midst of this storm I must remember that the world is more than me,
bigger than the picture I see,
but not beyond change at my fingertips constantly,
so how can I give up now when I am almost done training,
uniting with one aim one goal and one destiny
brothers and sisters its up to us to create the change we want to see
standing firm with revolutionary minds in these God forsaken times
This big tree stands in our way, blocks the Sun, and the fruit is not ripe
as Jesus did before me, lets make this tree wither away,
if we cant do that we’ve got to chop it down
we are each a small axe and their’s only one tree,
time waits for no man so let’s start swinging mighty!

“I assure you that if you believe and do not doubt, you will be able to do what I have done to this fig tree. And not only this, but you will even be able to say to this hill,
Get up and throw yourself in the sea, and it will.
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”
Matthew 21:21-22


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