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Commotion Equation in Slow Motion Creating

July 13, 2011

the weight of the world can be felt in the wind and in the weather,
I also see the struggle in the way my brother walks.
when each of us puts our heads down to cry we must remember
these same tears have been cried by another,
washed away, taken up, rained down, and borrowed by us.
this water is just a canvas for the rainbow of life
that leaves its brushstroke in so many ways.
this gift from our Father is nine tenths of what we are,
a rock gets thrown and we all feel the ripples in the water.
why must we hide our face and feel such shame or think that we don’t matter
any wave has a peak and a troth and as hard as we try to live on top,
in time we are all bound to fall off.
so keep those tears coming and keep the laughs unrolling,
because emotion is an ocean, and to the tides there is no controlling


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  1. woow nice poem….

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