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July 13, 2011

This powerful heat radiates from the core and threatens to burn me,
scalding fire vibrates its way through layers
consuming oxygen and leaving nothing but ash,
it is purification time and this is the session,
it’s time for me to offer up all of my prized treasures
and deepest hidden buried and black filthy secrets.
I know this fire will blaze right through my heart
if I don’t throw some fuel on it. There is plenty more
greed, hate, envy and jealousy sitting right under me
yet I hesitate to let it incinerate freely. I say,
“what about me?!”
“When do I get mine?”
Gripping these needs like a toddler with a temper
Lord I have been circling your mountain for some time now
but my load is still too heavy to continue up
you have already eased it enough
it is now my turn to trim my pack
to cleanse my intentions and untie the binds
I know you provide this strength and life for me to find you
somehow by thinking it is my free choice, my love for you grows greater


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