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So Shall it Be

July 14, 2011

No more words.
I’ve got no more words for you.
these look like words to me,
but maybe its just my mind
expressed in this line by line diction,
flippin the fiction to uncover the raw truth
the nothing behind every something
the pointing and placing,
the labels unstable.
blind to reality and searching for some sanity
in the midst of this chaos the word is all I have.
my comfort and my companion, my self created wonderland
here and now im frolicking free in fields of flowers
and then recline in this spacious place of mind divine
so blessed to be here and so graced with this chi
this prana, air, and life force energy
knowing its only something the you could conjure
outside of law the sovereign reigns
allowing us to remain safe under lions paw
the conquering lion is no joke
more real than gravity and more just than any court ever dreamed
feeding on the grass of the field,
the master builder,
the master healer,
and source of love unknown.
the kingdom has come for many,
and your work is getting done on earth as it is in heaven


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