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For A Bit Out There

July 15, 2011

im starting to not give a fuck
ive been wearing chain mail armor
and riding on a big-ass horse
if anyone gets too close I ram them with my lance
someone falls off and the cycle starts over
maybe im getting old or my horse is getting tired,
but im about ready to retire from this childish sport

im gonna lay down my sword and shield down by the riverside
the rivers are flooding anyways so maybe i will get swept away
taken far away jostled through white waters and then thrown to shore on my side
i pick up my head, im lying it fetal position with water in my lungs,
the sun is far too bright and i feel the cool mud between my toes
bloody, wet, and dazed, yet somehow refreshed
i dont remember a thing nor do i want to
i cough out the water and wipe my brow
i rise to my own two feet and step out into oblivion
this land is foreign and i feel brand new
i must have hit my head on a rock
or maybe im dreaming

wait.. no… go back to sleep
that was so nice
oh well, back to work
i dont give a fuck


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  1. woowww!!! it feels so angry and so bitter!! but thats what i like it.. 😀

  2. I love the character coming through in this poem, rough and drifting into the frays… Good stuff thanks for writing

  3. well done.

    sometimes, you need to focus on what you can do, not what you are forced to do.

    glad to see you join us, Happy Rally.

  4. I love this sense of an embittered, weary, and volatile warrior

  5. Good one. I like the metaphor with the medieval theme. The knight is the parallel to the narrator in the real world; one sometimes dream like that just to get a grip this mundane life.

  6. What a great communication of a guy becoming himself. Great images your works convey. I really liked this.

  7. It really grabs you and shakes you around a bit. Nicely done.

  8. Such anger! Hahaha. This is interesting, for sure.

  9. love the insights in it, well done.

    Happy Rally.

  10. first poem i saw in the rally with “idgaf” feel in the anger theme haha love it

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