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Take Off Your Seatbelt (TOYS)

July 27, 2011

i am smiling without permission
someone come and stop me
what if I push through to the top?
what then? what now?
I’m still laughing my way all the way up
bringing giggles up from the depths of the well
such sweet water indeed
what a reward for unexpecting effort
im just a computer programmer
punching plastic buttons
its not even Christmass or my birthday
you there, please take some of this
the weather balloon has gained sufficient altitude to see the sunny skies
the sun burned away the clouds hours ago
singing dancing jumping and prancing
Father promised He would take your sorrows
it’s our birth right and we earned it

uncovered heads radiate strong signals
the source is here no need for antennas
i have something, i forgot what it is
its a secret
oh i think i remember
im going to whisper it to you
*whispering*… “love”
fuck it im gonna shout it
pass it on.
it’s no secret.


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One Comment
  1. Hans Solo permalink

    Love this one.

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