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All Along the Queen’s Tower

August 26, 2011

like a thief in the night, sweet sorrow is suddenly revealed
as clear as day, Hallelujah as they say
a burden I didn’t ask for nor can I pass on it
revelation of my blessing’s curse or is it my curse’s blessing
whichever way it is i see it every which way
ultimately this is just my simple mind’s conjecture of the bigger picture
so I’ve learned to think positive and it makes life much sitcher

I wake up in the morning with a head full of worries
my dream was quickly miscounted
and replaced with thoughts of the day,
the things I have to do and bills I have to pay,
my dream was my clearest way to hear
the response to the question i prayed
How can I serve you? and where shall I go?
How can I find you, love you, and see you?
light of my life and princess of peace,
your spirit is with me, but my ears they are broken
you are the only one with power to heal them
Holy love, wholly love, please let me float on your song again,
the strength of this longing is indescribable here,
the closest thing I’ve seen is an avalanche or tsunami
Oh my Lord, Oh my dear,
allow me to tear down this wall in my heart,
the brick setter is about to retire (if I don’t fire him first)
and I have nothing left to fear



From → Poems

  1. Simply, wonderfully done! I really liked it. Blessings 🙂

  2. nothing left to fear,


    keep it up.

  3. AWESOME…I love the flow and the changing style.

    Excellent word play especially “revelation of my blessing’s curse or is it my curse’s blessing”

  4. The brick setter is about to retire. 🙂 That is a great line.

  5. Hansi permalink

    “…it makes life much sitcher”
    hahaha : )

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