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Keep On Shining

October 11, 2011

when the world has lost its color and things have all gone black
you find me, you find me
when im layed down flat with nowhere left to go
you find me, you find me
when I get home and the door is left wide open
you find me, you hold me
when i cry out the pains of the day and brush off the ash of yesterday
you show me, you know me
when i feel alone with no one to follow, empty and hollow
you fill me, you guide me
when my desires are known, when all i need is love,
you are there, I love you so!

I have walked a long desolate road,
and you found me, you loved me
I pray that you stay near to me
and comfort all with need for you
walking, gratefully I continue on
blowing kisses at the clouds

shine on me! open my heart and pour out its contents
we’re in this together so let me do my part
unconditional love was rare,
now unconditional love is in the air


From → Poems

  1. sweet, unconditional love is cool to have.

  2. Very nice, truly good poem! I enjoyed it alot. Blessings, Terri

  3. beautiful words.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. I like the use of a refrain in this poem…it’s harmonic.
    Love a potent potion.
    thanks for sharing.

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