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Make Mashing Make Music Make Moves and Make Love

January 9, 2012

Lord preserve this love
uphold the righteous and rise
the time is now
do not sit stagnant with humility
but take your power and might
the sword of your right hand is near
make mashing and measurable change!
i wait patiently meek and immobile on a monday morning
physically put in place to make the next wage
no building can hold me my Spirit will rise
action through inaction in mental and molecular planes
synthesis as neurons find new ways
stillness of nucleus motion of satellites
orbiting of beings as discontinuous dots
not even nonlinear descriptions can approach the deepest thoughts
a musical wave crests above ground
as roots are watered with pleasantly low pulses
low and lowly audible and kinetic
colors blended on a palette the brush awaits instruction
caught in the moment between potential and performed
the artistic mantra streams from the muse
a shock wave of creativity unharnessed but felt
rattles the chakras deeper than bone
awareness of inner light incomparably careless
blessed in the moment undeservingly so
this is pure mercy unrequested and unearned
given the opportunity to relish the joy of service
I serve you and this is a job well done
the task for which I was made


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