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Blood Brothers, when I pick a scab

February 28, 2012

i was welcomed back with a heavenly feast in my mind
i didn’t even knock but I guess He had some extra grace
like free candy at a parade making giddy children’s days
no better way to say, so humbled and so happy
smile beaming I dug my teeth in
if i already had no words to describe then now i am indebted
any words i thought i had have quickly been removed
i checked my gratitude account which was overflowing
then i checked my language bill and owed a monthly due
if only these currencies would exchange at a nice fair rate
I could sing a song to free the world and be with you forever

cracking jokes with the busiest man in the universe keeps my soul satisfied
some rush off to his business meetings afraid that they’ll be late
He treats them all accordingly and responds in a formal tone
I’ve been told to fear him, but every time I get near him
first thing I hear he spits another joke
certainly a friend I wouldn’t make fun of
but one I make fun with
I know that he’d do anything for me
so I’m slow to ask a favor
I hope he knows I’d do anything for Him
but he keeps on laughing,
not sure there is much more he needs


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