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I Forgot I was Crazy for a Second

February 28, 2012

full sighted aimed to love almighty
most famed most sung praises of
banging drums and plucking strings
air into the lungs the song begins
rejoicing in the power and the glory
the only one for which words will come..
does everyone love me or am i having delusions of grandeur?
is it my soul or my pride?
my shine or my wallet?
Still many questions I have
does life make less sense every day so I can go home
and things will be in perfect harmony?
Can i play the drums without second thought?
without doubting that through you I make a sound
for you and with you I am made whole
I play a small part yet I am the cornerstone
never to be refused again
each grain of sand once washed on the sea shore
cleansed for your building a space to offer life
grace and compassion are the signs and the
modulated sayings on the radio bands
frequency or amplitude however you like to be stretched
down dog or forward fold which ever will suffice
until i am old and frail and bend down to get the news
or have a furry friend to do it for me
on this day too I will remember you


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