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April 17, 2012

the temple of a body has been likened to a canvas
some see the canvas of the skin
others the canvas in the memory
life in the process of God painting a human canvas
I am a body of water
stresses and strains keep me from settling
early in the morning or at last light the reflections are clear
the mud settles and the wavelets cease
the motion of the body is one
the slowly moving plants and the occasional fish ad a hue of life
when I am settled I am clear and I am beautiful
when the wind starts to blow I have no where to go
A wise man named Isaac once said that for every force
there is an equal and opposite force
my surface unsettling is no exception
these forces may blur my perception of the reflection
but its only on the surface
nothing has been permenently changed or altered
I continue on accepting what you offer
and diluting the poison that I am force fed
you see and you know
you feel and you know
you live and you know
and you die and you go
this is not what i was told
this is what my heart knows
because I heard and I listen
because I work and I grow
I kneed and I sow
and this is food for my soul



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